I opened my eyes blearily, I could hear people walking around the cabin. I pulled the duvet over my head, not wanting to wake up, but I knew that at some point I would have to. I moaned quietly and pushed the duvet off me, I swung my legs over and flinched slightly from the cold wooden floor. I went into the bath room and glanced in the mirror, I ran a finger along the scar on my cheek. I had a quick shower and then put on some jeans and a blue T-shirt, I pulled on a plain blue cap to hide the worst of my bed head and walked into the main area of the cabin.

Slipping quietly out of the cabin I made my way over to the food hall and stepped inside. It was quiet amazing how they had food from all over, I had a piece of toast and an apple, and listened curiously as the camp directors wanted to see Eric and Mystry.

After breakfast we all began to make our way outside, Eric and Mystry soon reappeared and then we were led off in our groups. We made our way through the forest until we came to a cave opening. We were then split into smaller teams, I glanced at Marcus and Cordelia. They came over to stand where I was, for a second none of us said anything. Cordelia glanced over my shoulder, I turned around to see Oliver a few steps away,

"I'll be right back," She said brightly before going over to talk to him. I looked back at Marcus, we stood there just looking at each other. What was I meant to say?

"Um... I'm Nicola but you can call me Niki if you want." I muttered, pulling my cap down slightly,

"Hi, I'm Marcus." He said, another silence.

"So what powers do you have?" He said suddenly, I blinked and looked at him.

"I can control Electricity and Nuclear." He told me,

"Uh well, I have Elemental transmutation, where I can change the atom structure of an object or part of my body, and Density control, which I guess is the same thing because I just change the structure to making it either lighter of heavier."

"Wow sounds complicated." We watched as team 1 stepped into the cave. A screen of earth appeared blocking our view of what was happening. I felt myself shudder slightly. Cordelia came back then,

"Well I think we're going to have to wait a while. We're going last." Marcus nodded and I glanced back at the cave. Suddenly I didn't feel so good,

"Hey, Niki, you ok? You look a bit pale." Marcus said looking at me, I pulled my hat down further and nodded before walking over to a tree and sitting down. Trapped inside of a cave with tons of earth above us. What happened if it caved in? Even if I did make the earth lighter I wouldn't be able to keep it up forever! Oh shut up Niki! They would have tested it before letting us go inside! Don't be such a stupid girl. But I couldn't stop the images that raced through my mind, I didn't notice Marcus and Cordelia coming to sit down next to me,

"Are you scared Niki?" Marcus said with no hint of teasing in his voice. I didn't say anything, I could feel them both watching me and it made me feel uncomfortable.

"There's nothing to worry about you got us with you." He smiled at me kindly, I grimaced as I realized I was one of the youngest at camp. It hadn't been that long ago that I had turned 15.

"It's just nerves getting to me, I'll be fine." I said quietly, wanting to stop them from worrying about me so much. We all watched as the second team went in. Two down, one to go before it was our turn.

The End

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