Eric: Assault corse

"Right the rules. You may use your powers but not above a level 2 which is able to break limbs" Sasha smiles. "Don't worry though the corse will do it for you. It is built on three levels. So far you see a normal assault corse..... this is a set up trick. The real training is under ground. Follow me people"

I look at AJ then shrug and gesture to me team to follow. Eva looks at her team before doing the same. We follow Sasha into the forest that surrounds the camp and where I guess we'll be playing capture the flag later on tonight!

"Here we are" Sasha says stopping in front of a cave entrance. "You'll be sent in three's and I'll be setting the teams. Here are the teams:

Team 1 - Eric, AJ and Mystry

Team 2 - Misty, Denver and Spirit

Team 3 - Aliah, Liam and Eva

Team 4 - Marcus, Niki and Cordelia"

Sasha finishes the list then looks around as we move into our teams. AJ follows behind me as I walk over to Mystry and slip my arm round her waist.

"Team 1 will be up first!" Sasha shouts. We move up and head into the cave entrance. As we pass Sasha she whispers "Good luck, you'll need it"

We enter the cave... then the earth slams shut behind us. Mystry yelp and turns into me clinging my t-shirt. At first I can't see a thing then Mystry's aura begins to light up showing a little area around us so I'm just able to see all three of us.

"Now what do we do?" AJ asks looking at me. I shrug.

"Guess we go forward. AJ take Mystry's other hand" I say getting a firm grip on Mystry's other one. I pull her and Aj along behind me as we travel down the tunnel then we come into an open space.

"Oh my god" AJ whispers. And she's right the whole cave is and assault corse. Holes that you can fall into. Gates. Knifes prepaired and ready. A proper medival assault corse..... on bridges.

"Something tells me we have to get to the other side...... and it ain't going to be easy" I whisper.

The End

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