Aliah: Training

I quickly hopped in the shower, brushed my teeth and got dressed, I figured I should wear something not easily damaged so I wore my camoflage trousers-both girly and practical- and a white vest top, I thought I might get a few laughs, y'know training, brutality, camoflage.........I was born sarcastic.

I walked out into the brightness of the morning sun, joined the other's for breakfast, smiling at the few who got my joke and glancing at Liam every few minutes. When breakfast was over, I felt positively energised- Oliver does an amazing job! =)

I ran into Liam outside "I see your ready for training" he looked at my camoflage trousers and smiled.

"Yes indeed, I respect my time in the core"

"Core?" Liam laughed "I'll have to remember that one"

I winked at him and smiled "I have a feeling the competitive drive will start today, it's going to be brutal"

"Yeah, the way Eva glares at Eric....." We both shuddered "So, I was thinking that after capture the flag tonight......we could meet up"

My eyes lit up like a christmas tree "Same time, same place?"

Liam nodded.

"That'd be awesome, roll on capture the flag" I giggled and gestured to the others making their way to training "Guesse we'd better get a move on then" I sighed.

Liam and I made our way over to the training place and stood there together.

"Get into teams!"

I sighed "See you tonight Liam" and then, I did something without realising it, I kissed Liam on the cheek and joined my team, starting up a conversation with Spirit Ise, she seems alot differerent to other people, but not in a bad way.

The End

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