Eric: In trouble already?.... Figures

"What is the problem Denia?" I ask calmly and let my arm and shadows sneak round Mystry's waist. Denia glares at my arm then up at me.

"The other staff and I have noticed that you have become very close and that yesterday evening Mystry was not present in her room till the morning" Denia says raising an eyebrow.

"I can't see the problem" I say calmly keeping my body relaxed. Denia's eyes narrow and I see Mystry blush and look down at my side.

"She was in your room Mr Shadow" Denia snaps. "And the rules say that you may not enter the other's cabins. Never mind someone from the other team entering the other"

"Apart from that we did nothing wrong" I say simply.

"How can our staff be sure?" Denia says.

"Look at it this way. I wouldn't force Mystry into anything she truely didn't want to do. And I don't see how you can stop us being. So all that put forth I believe we are late for training" I say then turn on my heels pulling Mystry out, by the waist, with me.

"What are you doing?" Mystry whispers.

"Don't worry. She's not going to punish us.... She knows where I'm coming from and that she has no right to keep us apart..... Unlike some" I say seeing Eva at the assault corse with her team scattered around her and few of mine talking to them. I stop and turn to face Mystry putting one hand either side of her waist. "Although I think we might have to do the sneaking around a bit less obvious"

I lean in and kiss her softly on the lips before pulling away. "Just a taste before we get split up" I whisper. I put my arm back round her waist then pull her towards the other kids and the assault corse.

"Alright!" The staff member calls Sasha shouts. "In teams!"

Everyone breaks into their teams and I kiss the top of Mystry's head before joining mine and standing next to AJ.

"What did you do?" She whisper. I turn and smile at her.

"People been talking?" She nods. "I only broke a small rule. My fault really. Don't worry about what I do so much AJ. You can actually trust me weather you believe it or not. I don't attack unless I'm harmed myself. Rule of martial arts, only use in defense not offence"

The End

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