Mystry: The Next Day

Sneaking back to my cabin was difficult - I had to tear myself away from Eric (who just looked amazing - and slightly cute and vulnerable - while asleep). I don't know what was harder: gently sliding his arms off me or writing the note before leaving. A couple of shadows stroked me as if saying goodbye on Eric's behalf. I found I didn't want to leave them either.

Back in my own bed, I fell asleep and dreamt about kissing Eric. Mysteriously, we were standing on a cliff in the middle of a night while doing so but I suppose this was my subconscious' portrayal of how it felt to be around Eric: slightly dangerous, slightly scary but very exciting.

I woke up, quickly showered and changed, and wandered outside, hoping to see Eric. Around me, others were getting ready for this so-called 'training'. I wondered how I could train when my power just involved my sight - perhaps I'd be interpreting auras, although I did that already. Hey, maybe I would be able to tell more about a person!

Eric's greeting was wonderful. I was surprised by his attire, although it didn't really change much because he still looked the same: handsome with a blazing aura. I was slightly worried by Xavier's reaction to the kiss: I wondered what he would have thought of last night's affair.

Before training, we all had breakfast. The man called Oliver, who seemed to look a lot in Cordelia's direction, conjured up brilliant foods, including the components of a Full English Breakfast as well as a Continental Breakfast too. I tucked into croissants while eating bacon and eggs, and drank delicious hot chocolate. I hardly noticed I was eating so heartily but at one point, I caught Eric watching me with an amused expression on his face. How I longed to sit with him!

After breakfast, though, something worrying happened.

Denia stood up, looking grave, and said "While the rest of you prepare for training, I'd like to have a word with Eric Shadow and Mystry Wonder in the Main Cabin."

I gulped, feeling anxious. I saw Eva glare at me and the rest of Team Shadow glare at Eric. As everyone left, I waited for Eric who took my hand and squeezed it as we headed to the cabin. I had a sinking feeling that we hadn't been quite as successful at keeping from being caught last night as we thought...

I was filled with sudden shame. I wasn't usually one for breaking rules. I seemed to be losing myself: my conscience and eagerness to please. Was Eric turning me into a bad girl? Who would have thought that the guy with the golden aura could cause trouble? 

The End

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