Eric: Morning

I woke up to find Mystry gone and almost panic out of my mind but then the Shadows shove something into my hand. A note?

'Gone back to my room. Need to get changed and I'm going to make sure we didn't get caught'

I smile at the last scentence and stand up. I move out of the room and straight into the bathroom. From the deepness of Denver's sleeping thoughts I can tell I'm going to have to wake him up. But I'll do it after my shower.

The bathroom is quite nice. The floor has tiles but the walls are wood like the rest of the place. I slip into the Bath/Shower and set the right heat adjusting the water. A Shadow choose that point to throw a flannel into my face.

I turn and glare it. "I don't like smelling anymore than you like me too" I snap then turn to finish my shower. The shadows stick to the corner of the room as I step out and dry down my body.

Wrapping the towel round my waist I go back into my room and get dressed. I put of a sort of tight long sleeved grey t-shirt then pull on some blue jeans and trousers. A lot different from my outfit yesterday which was all black.

I walk out to see Denver stumbling out of his room. When he see's me he stops, looks me up and down twice then shakes his head. "Dude, you should have worn that yesterday it makes you look almost normal" He says.

I raise an eyebrow then move out of the cabin. As I pass the shadow girls cabin the two girls out front end up taking a second look. I smile shaking my head. What's so different. Just cause yesterday I was wearing a whole black outfit.

How does this make me look different?

Up ahead I see Mystry and a smile breaks out on my face. I run up to her. "Hey!" I call. She turns to face me smiling then stops. She gawks at me in shock and I laugh. "What? Think I can't be normal"

I tilt up her face and press my lips down on hers. She hesitate then relaxes into the kiss. I hear someone cough behind me. I pull away and look back to see Xavier looking at me with a raised eyebrow. "Oh hey sir, I was just saying good morning to Mystry then we were going to head to training" I say with an innocent smile.

"Of corse you were" Xavier says smiling and shaking his head. I smile then slipping my arm round Mystry waist I turn and whisper to her "Lets go".

She nods and rest her head against my shoulder as we head for the training grounds.

The End

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