Aliah: Lights out

As we sat there in silence, all I was aware of was how close he was and, despite the fact we had only met a few hours ago, I felt like I knew him quite well. I looked at Liam in the corner of my eye and my heart leapt, he was  doing the same. What do I say? I scan my brain for something relevant and non stupid...."Your the only one who's seen my wings"


"Really" I confirm

A cold wind blows through us and I shiver.

"You cold?"

I nod, hugging myself, am I doing this wind, or is it just a typical summer evening?

Liam shuffles closer and puts his arm around me "Is this okay?"

I can feel my cheeks growing hot "Very" I say, no more than a whisper.


I turn my head to face him and blush bright red, he leans in closer.......

"Everyone make your way to bed! It's time for lights out"

We both jump and laugh a little nervously "Guesse we should.....get to bed"

"Yeah" I sigh

"Can I walk you to your cabin?"

I smile and nod as he takes my had and helps me up.


I wake up to the bird song out of my window feeling happier than ever as I replayed last night over and over again in my head.

The End

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