Annalise Jaye Jones - Diary

31st July 2010

I'm not the kind of person you'd call shy, or the even kind of person who dissolves into the background. But...for some reason, on the first day of camp, that's exactly what I did. Don't get me wrong, the people on this camp are great! I just wish they would open up a little bit more. I mean, we're all the same right? We're all special. It's just...Well, for once I felt left out.


Back at the farm (home, sweet home), it didn't matter to my friends or family that I was different. Even when I did accidentally change shape or start speaking in another language without realising. They just accepted it and treated me like I was an ordinary kid. I didn't feel that special and that's the way I liked it.


Here, I ain't special either. Everybody has special abilities - even the staff! Not that I mind it so much, I'm just sick of being ignored. Before, if I wanted to get attention, I could of just morphed into a bear. Okay, I never actually did that, but if I wanted to I could of! If I did it here, nobody would give me a second glance.


Eva, now she seems nice. It's just she seems a little distracted, if you know what I mean. Kinda like Eric had got her in a tizz by the way she was giving him evils. Man, she stared the crap outta him! My Mama would say that she's more wrapped up with him than one of Grandma's Christmas presents. My Mama would also say that Eric Shadow is no good.


Speaking of Eric, that Mystry girl is pretty intense about him. Watches all the time - and I mean all the time! I ain't even an emotion reader and even I can tell that she's in lurve! I'm not sure about Eric though. I know he's my team leader, but I still don't trust him. He's done things. Terrible things. I can tell. It wouldn't surprise me if he is manipulating Mystry's mind.


The Shadow girls are pretty reserved. Especially Spirit. I've tried to talk to her a few times, but she's just ignored me - but I will break her down eventually! And Misty. She's seems like a down to Earth kind of girl. Oh, and Aliah! She may be stubborn but I think she'll eventually warm to me. Everyone does. I swear, I'm not being cocky (that's my Bro Phil's job), I'm just telling y'all the truth.


I feel that I have a better relationship with the Spark girls. They seemed much less reserved and far more talkative. I even sat on their table; despite the odd looks I got from the others. Can you believe it? Both me and Cordelia fancy the pants off of that Taylor guy who plays Jacob in the Twilight movie! He is fiiiine! She's got a thing for Oliver though. However, I gotta say she does have taste. Oliver is like the Jacob Black in this camp.


Can you believe it? All the guys in this camp are taken! Except for that Marcus guy, but he's way outta my league. No guy in their right mind would fall for me. Especially not a hottie (as my sister Courtney would say) like Marcus.


Gotta dash. Camp activities aren't starting for another two hours, but I gotta practise my martial arts - the only thing that keeps me sane amongst my many annoying siblings.


The End

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