Cordelia: Morning

 The pale rays of the first morning's light fell through the window upon my face, my eyes fluttering open. Stretching, I sat up, tossing off my blankets and swinging my legs over the side of the bed. Not the most comfortable mattress. Groaning, I placed my hand on the nightstand to come to my feet. For a brief moment, an image of a teenager with a thick black mop of hair with his hand in the same spot, bent over a wastecan heaving the remains of his dinner. I fall back onto my bed, a quick spell of naseua coming over me.

 Shuddering, I returned to a standing position. My stomach still felt sick. I hobbled over to my luggage, changing out of yesterday's clothes into a clean pair of shorts and a fresh T-shirt. Tying my sneakers, I quietly headed out of my bedroom, everyone still silent and sleeping in their beds. I was restless, slipping out of the cabin and out into the crisp, morning air.

 My heart caught as I met Oliver's eyes once more, as he looked up from doing some work in the garden beds before the Sparks Boy's cabin, whistling his own tune that seemed strangly familiar to me. "Good morning," he called in his friendly manner. "Sleep well?"

 I nodded briskly, something of a lie, while giving a nervous smile. "You?"

 He grinned, as if sensing my awkwardness. His warm nature seemed to unwind my anxiety. "Alright," Oliver shrugged. I guessed he was about twenty, probably only a couple years older than me.   I shifted from foot to foot, wondering what to do or say.  He was able to start up some conversation as he tossed aside a weed, "Taking a walk?"

 "Yeah," I nodded again. "Thought I'd take a look around the grounds."

 "You want a tour?" he pushed himself off the ground, wiping his hands on his jeans. Was he flirting with me?

  I smiled, "Sure."  

 Oliver came to my side, leading me about the campsite, breaking the silence a few times with several explanations of the place. After a while, we both fell quiet, just strolling.  I peered at him from the corner of my eye, "Do you have powers?"

  He smiled, "Yeah, a few. Nothing spectacular."

  "Like what?"

 With a graceful wave of his hand, Oliver held out a delicate daffodil. I laughed, "Magic tricks?"

 Slyly grinning, he disappeared in a wink, leaving me alone on the pathway. "Oliver?" I called warily, looking around.

"I'm right here," came his murmur from just over my shoulder, his breath playing on the back of my neck. Jumping, I spun around to face him.

"Invisibility, like me?" I said, somehwat shocked.

He shook his head, "Transport. Me, others, any objects."

"That can come in handy. You'll never loose anything," I smiled.

Oliver chuckled, and then looked further up the hill. "Looks like things are shifting up there. Probably should head back."

"Yeah," I nodded, turning to start toward the cabins. Before I realized it, Oliver took my hand, and the world began to swirl all around us like a hurricane. Dizzy, I was standing in my bedroom once more, alone.

For a moment, I wondered if our conversation was just a dream.


The End

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