Liam: Stealing glances

My heart leapt a bit when she said, ' A date.' , and basically the same thought ran through my head while eating dinner, while stealing glances at Aliah who I could see was doing the same thing.  I finished dinner quickly and got up leaving the table trying to learn all of my team members names before leaving. Some were to busy talking and others some where missing but I got the name of the only other guy on my team his name is marcus  but he seem a little preoccupied by something to have a full conversation, so I leave the table meeting up with Aliah with a grin growing on my face.

"So where we going to hold this small race?" I ask.

"Over there." She points over to a fresh cut field just on the border of the pine forest."

"Okay" I smile walking rate beside Aliah as the sun began to fall into the horizon I decided to make the suns light give a beautiful orange tinge to it as it fell making the perfect lighting before the stars showed themselves.

"I wasn't really expecting much for this camp or even having it enjoyable but now that I'm here, Now I think maybe after all it will be fun." I said meaning to say that i'm here and I met you, but was unsure if that was if that was too corny or to quick to say something like that.

"Ya I didn't come here with high hopes either, but things seemed to have taken a lighter turn." Aliah replied , as we finally reached the spot.

" I wonder if we'll get in trouble if we stay out after dark?" I wonder out loud marking the suns posistion in the sky.

"Probably would but then agian what can they do?" Aliah says.

"Yeah true , I don't feel like going back to my cabin for a while." I say  for one clear reason.

"So I was thinking we'll end the race over there at the top of the knoll." Aliah says as white angel wings shoot from her back , I was somewhat amazed at them they are beautiful.

"Alright. Whenever your ready." I say still looking at her wings."

"Okay, three , two , one.. go!"  Aliah takes one flap of her wings and ended up far ahead of me, I begin to get myself up to speed catching up in a matter of seconds, everytime I tried to get ahead Aliah would be rate beside me, I started to smile as she tried to get ahead of me,and I matched her speed, until the very end where she landed beside me.

"Ha ha that was fun, so are we even?"

"I guess unless you were holding back." I laugh breathing a little harder than usual sitting down on the grass looking at the last few moments the sun had left in this day. Aliah sit beside me.  Should I just say what I feel? Or should I listen to my urge to put my arm around her? Maybe just talk, about what though? Or just leave it as it is? I look over at Aliah who was looking off into the distance. She turns around her mouth opening to say something. 

The End

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