Eric: Losing Grip....

I felt pain.... and pleasure. The closeness of Mystry was so much. I was scared I was going to hurt her or in my loss of sense not stop the Shadows from hurting her.

But they didn't seem to want to. They caressed her entire body to mine as carefully as I did. It felt.... right. This kiss was different from the first. The first had left me confused and wondering how kissing her felt right. But now it was like I was just begining to solve a part of it.

We fit. Light and Dark. Night and Day. Two pieces of a jigsaw that when put together complete the puzzle. I wanted more but something was telling me that that would be taking too much. I didn't want to force anything onto Mystry. It put myself in pain.

I pulled back and used my elbows to prop myself up. Mystry lay beneath my body. Not close but not at all distant. "We locked the door on your room right?" I ask raising an eyebrow.

Mystry shakes her head. I look away from her for a second to send a Shadow to go and do the job for me. I turn my head to look back at Mystry to see she has her eyes closed and her breathing is calm and steady.

I take one hand to stroke her cheek Shadows entwining round my fingers. She rests into my hand. I smile then slowly move so I'm lying down next to her. She rolls over to cuddle up to my chest. I wrap my arms around her carefully. A slither of a Shadow wraps round our waist drawing us together.

The Shadow I sent off to lock Mystry's room comes back into the rooms and curls up my leg. Laying like that was calm.... peaceful. I never feel peaceful unless alone. But with Mystry it seems to change. Like I feel energetic but calm at the same time.

Mystry looks up. "Off" She mutters tugging at my shirt. I smile and shake my head but happily pull it off. Mystry murmurs happily and strokes a finger down my bare muscular chest.

Why is my body so perfect and yet my soul isn't? Even with what Mystry says I know I am not good. I've done terrible things and not far into the past. Can Mystry deal with that?

She wraps her arms round me and pulls the cover up over us. Maybe she can. I look down at her sleeping face and I know I fall asleep before she does.

The End

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