I found Niki a kind girl, the only one who seemed interested in speaking with me. For some reason, I found myself talking too much compared to normal and quickly dropped silent as we sat down at the long dinner table of the Spark Team. Our leader sat at the front, though there seemed to be some tension already visible. God, it was only the first day and there was already some drama. Mystry, a girl I had met earlier, appeared enveloped in the other table and Eva's intense eyes remained on her.

  A younger guy walked into the room, and with a wave of his hand, rows and rows of excellent food dashed with international flavor appeared before us. My lack of hunger evaporated as the heavy smells wafted to my nose and I eagerly dished some food onto my plate. Everyone chatted as I sat quietly, savoring the delicious food. I curiously gazed up to the man who had made the food appeared, something about him made me want to observe him further. He was tall and pretty good-looking, his hair cut short and his skin lightly tanned. His eyes flicked over to me, realizing I was staring as him. I blushed furiously, quickly looking to the food and fumbling for my fork. I wanted to disappear, and I bet no one would notice. Yet I decided against it, trying to look through my eyelashes at him, though I turned a brighter shade of red at seeing he was still looking at me.

  I was somewhat glad when we all finished, our stomachs stuffed and many of our eyelids heavy and ready for sleep. I shuffled towards the door, my eyes catching the guy still standing there, bidding everyone good night.

 I couldn't help reddening as a smile tugged at his lips. "Night," he said.

 "Thanks for dinner," I said politely. "It was very good."

 He grinned wider, nearly stopping me as he held out his hand, "Thanks. My name's Oliver."

  I couldn't help smiling at his kind eyes. I wondered if Mystery could see his aura and what color it was...."Nice to meet you. I'm Cordelia," I shook his head, flushing harder at my own thoughts.    

 "A pretty name," Oliver said. "If you need anything, I'll be glad to help."

 "Thanks," I smiled, hoping I wasn't blushing too hard. God, I was bad at flirting. Was this flirting?

 I slipped from the dining hall, perhaps a little too quickly. Something of a relief washed over me as I left. My thoughts took over as I wandered through the tall, skinny pines, the heavy scent of the needles soothing. As I saw a camp director sauntering over, I briskly turned invisible so that I could not be seen. It was Xavier. His dark eyes flickered to over where I stood, pausing, before shrugging and continuing onwards.

  Running my fingers over the rough bark, the past of the trees flickered through my mind. It was slow, heavy images, like honey dripping from a jar,  of growing, of storms, of people who had walked these same paths before and put something of a mental imprint on the trees. Everyone had their mental imprint, like a fingerprint, which affected everything they passed. Occasionally there was a flash of emotion a certain person was feeling at the time, or a memory they were thinking of that was totally unrelated to the place or thing.

 I seemed to leave my body for a while, enveloping myself in all these foreign sensations, and when I snapped back to reality, darkness was blanketed all around me. Exhaustion from the day's events suddenly weighted down on me, and I began to carefully wander back through the underbrush to our quiet cabin. A lone light remained in one of the bedrooms as I stepped inisde, the door half opened. The only sound was the crickets chorusing their nightsongs outside, so I peeked inside and saw a lump of a person huddled beneath the blankets. Sighing, I clicked off the light and stepped into the shadows of my own room, flopping on top of my covers and drifted to sleep.

The End

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