Misty Brote

I walk to the dinner cabin with my ipod playing music loudly through my earphones. I sit down at the Shadow table, taking the seat nearest the window. Others start to come in, I notice some tension  between some of the Spark team. I smile slightly.

Some lady starts talking, saying we should get to know our teams ect ect ect. It's like being at school again.

Food appears on the table in front. I look at it all, so many lovely foods to try from. I take a chicken leg and a jacket potatoe. I eat it quickly and pour myself a glass of water.

I look at my table and notice our leader isn't there. I look at the girls, seeing if any of them have noticed but they are in a deep talk with themselves. Yup, just like school alright.

Ahand waves in front of my face. I frown at it and look at its owner, the other boy from our team. He's got pale skin and chin-length black hair. His eyes are green but look almost luminous. He says something but I don't hear it over my music and I've never been good at lip reading.

I turn off my ipod sadly, Walking Disaster by Sum 41 was playing.

"Did ya say something?" I ask, looking at his eyes.

He smiles a bit. "Yeah I was asking what you were listening to."

"It was Walking Disaster by Sum 41." I reply, looking at the table.

"Good song. So what's your name?" I look back at him, lifting the eyebrow that's above my right eye, my fringe is covering my hazel one. I'm sure if that other dude was here he would be talking to him not me. No one ever talks to me unless they have another choice.

"Misty Brote. What's yours?"


"No surname?" I ask putting my ipod into my back pocket of my jeans.

"No. So, what's your gift?" Denver asks changing the subject quickly.

"I can control the weather." I say and shrug, not mentioning that I can see the future too. No one knows that I can do that and I'll prefer it that way. "So Denver, what can you do?"

"I can generate poison, control fire and I've got night vision."

I nod, cool powers.

"How does controlling the weather work?" He asks sitting back in his chair. I shrug.

"Not much to tell 'bout that. I think of the weather changing and it does. Sometimes it can change without me realising that I've done it, normally that happens when I'm feeling a really strong emotion or when I'm bored." I shrug and get to my feet, people are starting to leave the cabin.

Denver stands up too, towering over me. It's not that hard to do since I'm 5"5 but he is tallll. We walk out of the cabin in silence. I watch as everyone heads to their cabins, I look up at the clear nights sky having no intension on following the girls from my team into our cabin.

"Well, nice talkin' to ya. Night Denver." I say, walking away from the cabins and towards the gates. I'm not going to walk out of here, I just want to look around so I can check this place out.

"Hey wait up." Denver calls behind me and joggs to catch up. Even though I have short legs, I can still move pretty fast when I want to.

Denver clicks his fingers and a small flame appears above his palm. I stare at it, that is a cool power. "Thought we could use some light, it's getting dark out." Denver smiles down at me, I can feel a small smile on my face.

I shrug it off and walk around to the gates, I look out and remember when my mother used to bring to  places in the forest so I could change the weather without people realising it was me.

The wind starts to pick up, blowing out Denvers flame.

"Wow, what's up with the wind girl?" Denver asks smiling, I shake my head, bring the weather back to what it just was.

"Sorry. I was thinkin'." I mutter. Suddenly some man comes over to us. "You two should be in your cabins not wandering around here after hours no get." He snapps at us.

Denver opens his mouth to say something but I grab his arm and start walking back to our cabins, trying to keep the smile off my face. What fun is life without being a bit of a rebel?

The End

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