Mystry: Eric's room

"Are you sure?" I asked excitedly, hardly daring to hope that I could actually be alone with Eric without anybody minding.

Eric nodded, smiling.

"Yes please," I answered, trying hard not to shout with the joy I was feeling.

We stood up, the 'Darkness you can't explain' swirling around both of us. Quietly, we stole across the main area of the cabin and out of the door. We walked under a beautiful night sky to the Shadow Boy's cabin but I couldn't care less about the stars because Eric was with me and we were really together - I don't know why that suddenly sunk in, but sink in it did: I was in a relationship with the guy with the golden aura and he loved me back.

Eric looked at me. "I sure do," he murmured, replying to my thoughts.

I sighed. 'This is so perfect,' I thought. 'We were meant to be.'

Eric shook his head slightly. "You're the only thing that's perfect."

"Says the guy with the golden aura."

Eric shook his head in wonder and led me into the cabin. We quietly snuck into his room, despite the fact his friend wouldn't mind, and sat upon his bed.

'What, now?' I thought quietly, awed by the very idea of being here and overwhelmed by the intense longing I felt as a physical sensation in the pit of my stomach as well as as a thought and a feeling in my mind and heart. The longing didn't seem to make sense - I was next to Eric, after all. What more did I want?

"You want this," Eric murmured, and he leant down to kiss me.

I closed my eyes and kissed him back, feeling the same immensely pleasurable sensations that I had this afternoon. Eric caressed my skin with gentle, warm fingers but seemed to make it feel cool and tingly. Cold tendrils of ... nothingness ran over my skin too - the shadows presumably - but Eric's aura, which was enveloping me, warmed me up. I felt an underlying sense of ... rightness: this was how it was meant to be and our love was as good as ordered to happen by the deities who had conjured up such phenomenal, overwhelming feelings. Eric stroked my hips which tickled and made me shiver from the thought of him touching such a delicate, sensitive place.  The kiss evoked soulful love from me and great contentment, yet remaining itself quite indescribable. It became passionate and I felt myself slide, losing myself in the moment, down into depths unilluminated yet heated by a raging fire which burned within my soul. The fathoms were like Eric's midnight black eyes and I imagined the dark look of them I would surely see if we opened our eyes. We were lying down as everything in my mind stopped. Then, instinct was controlling my actions - I loved Eric so much that it was instinctive to hold him tightly in this endless night which enveloped me. One last thought escaped the withdrawing thoughts as I drowned in intoxicating sweetness: 'Whoa'.  

The End

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