Eric: Shadows

Some how we end up lying on her bed. Mystry curls up in my arms her own wrapped tightly around my waist and I felt some of the bare skin of her arm touching the bare skin on my waist that my shirt had ridden up to show.

"What are these?" Mystry whispers. I look down at her and see her fingers passing gently through the shadows that have slowly crept around us. "Eva called them shadows but I see nothing casting them"

"They're the blackness. The Darkness you can't explain. The Shadows in the corner of the room. They're like parasites, they eat anything they are given" I whisper as one begins to curl around my leg.

"Then why aren't they eating us?" Mystry whispers as one begins to crawl up her arm. I hiss at it and it retracts going back to wrapping round my waist.

"They're not eating me because I control them..... you I have no idea" I say shaking my head as one wraps round her waist and mine pulling us closer together. Mystry giggles and I notice one wrapping around her foot.

"Maybe its cause our Aura's match" Mystry whispers. I lean down and kiss her lips softly. She 'hmm's happily and pulls back to look at me.

"We should be a bit quieter. I'm not meant to be in the girls dorms of my own team unless its to do with camp never mind lying on the bed in the bedroom of the other team's girl cabin" I whisper kissing down her jaw and feeling my hands on her hips.

"Well, I'd be told off for letting a supposed bad boy into my room as well" Mystry says giggling. "I did open the window"

"Hmm, want to come to my room? I have only one cabin partner and he's not likely to kill me if he walks in and finds you in there"

The End

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