I slipped into the dinner hall with Cordelia who had been talking to me while we waited. I shuffled from foot to foot before sitting down near the bottom of the table and staring at the table top. I followed the pattern of the wood, I glanced down at my hand under the table and frowned. My hand had started to turn into wood, I shook away the creeping wood and watched as my hand became flesh again. I glanced up to make sure no one was watching, lucky everyone were engaged in a conversation with someone else.

Hearing the door open I glanced up to see Eva and Mystry come in, you could practically feel the tension in the air. I watched in quiet interest as Eva sat at the head of the table while Mystry made a clear point of sitting as far away from possible. I could practically feel Mystry's annoyance as she sat down next to me, I didn't say anything, instead I listened to Denia. After she finished food appeared in front of us, I didn't feel that hungry but had some rice with bits of chicken in it. I could tell these next few weeks were going to be long. I pretended to be more interested in my food then anything else to avoid conversation or attention, luckily Mystry didn't seem to notice me much.

I made sure not to be the first to leave, but at the same time not to be the last to leave either. Walking outside I struggled to decide whether or not to explore or to go straight back to the cabin. Suddenly Mystry stormed past me and I had to stop quickly to make sure I didn't bump into her, I could see little hints of red in her see able aura. I carried on walking, still trying to decide whether to go back to the cabin, I looked up as I heard someone running, it was the head of Team Shadow... Eric? He was heading in the direction of our cabin. I chewed my bottom lip and sat down against a tree, drawing my legs up to my chest I looked down at the ground, watching a spider crawling along the ground. I picked up a leaf and frowned at it, I felt a tingle go through the tips of my fingers and watched as the leaf became metal. I turned it over in my hands before changing it back into it original atom structure, in a way that's how my other power worked too, I just had to focus on changing the structure of it's particles to in turn make it lighter or heavier. I poked at the leaf's atoms again changing it into wood and back. I then had an idea and tried changing it into water, it didn't work very well, the leaf did turn into a liquid but it wasn't water. I pulled it back into a leaf and crushed it in my hand.

Suddenly I felt tired, a by product of trying too hard with my powers, if I tried to change the atom structure of something too much it drained a lot of my energy. I walked slowly back to the cabin, I was surprised to see the windows closed and drawn. I walked up to the door, I stood there for a second trying to decide if I had the nerve to actually go inside, where there people in there who would notice me before I got to my room? In the end I pushed the door open and was glad to see that there was no one immediately in the main room. I shuffled across the room, I paused when I got to Mystry's room, I could hear muffled voice behind the door. I raised a hand and then stopped, should I see who was with her? But then again it wasn't my business. I turned away and swore that I saw a shadow that moved out of the corner of my eye, I shook my head and went to my room. I didn't bother getting changed, instead I slipped straight into the bed and groaned as I realized I had forgotten to turn off the light. I couldn't get back up so just pulled the cover over my head, I drifted between sleep and staying awake. I soon heard the others come in but took no notice. One time my door creaked open but the person didn't say anything, instead they turned off the light... I would have to thank them for that, I thought wearily to myself before I finally drifted off.

The End

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