Eric: Discussion

My emotions and aura was flat. I knew this cause of Mystry's confused thoughts. Why was I getting a headache from her saddened thoughts? Then when Mystry stepped out with Eva I thought things would get better.

They only got worse. I felt a snap of pain from her thoughts. Confusion from something Eva was telling her. I didn't realise I had rose to my feet till Denver spoke up. "Is something wrong, Eric?" He asks. I look at him open my mouth to speak then close it shaking my head.

I move off out of the dinning room only to find Eva sitting next to a campfire gazing into the flames thinking quite hard. "That was uncalled for you know" I say calmly. Eva jumps then spins round to face me.

"How long have you been there?" Eva asks a snap in her voice.

"I only just came out but you know you're acting as guilty as hell" I say raising an eyebrow. Her face goes slightly angry.

"I'm not guilty of anything. But I still request for you to stay away from my team" She says. Her mind is a jumble of angry thoughts and I find myself confused.

"Why? I've done nothing to offend you. Why do you hate me? If it wasn't for the fact you glare at me like I'm saten I might actually be able to have a normal convosation with you" I speak quickly and calmly.

"You're just not right" she says looking away and too the cabin. Guilty or what? I laugh out coldest of shadows curling into it then smile at her.

"I've be called many things Eva. But I don't think you can stop me from seeing the one person I've cared about since I read my mothers mind and realised she hated me" I continue to speak calmly and my emotions don't shift.

She strangely seems to calm down but her anger is no way near run out. She turns on her heels and stomps off.

I shake my head then run over to Spark Girls Cabin. I get to Mystry's window and send a mental message inside for her to open the window.

She does and her head pokes out. "Move back" I whisper. "I'm coming up" She nods and I run up the wall and slip through the window into her room. As soon as I'm in I close the window and blinds and pull her into my arms.

The End

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