Eva: No Compromises

Before the recreational activities had begun, I pulled the girl outside where we could have a little chat. I decided to get straight to the point of my problem with her and the Shadow team and not talk some other crap. Besides, it was hard for me to push away her extreme sorrowful feelings throughout dinner and I hadn't even eaten to my full content because of it.

"I want you to cut whatever connections you have with the Shadow team leader from now on."

Her aura flickered to a slight orangish-crimson color. She looked at me with her light blue eyes. They'd been sparkling like the stars before when she'd been with him, now they were filled with confusion and anger.

"Why? Why should I stop being with him just because you say so?"

"Because I'm the leader of the team. Look, you can hang out with anyone from the Shadow cabin except for him."

Her aura added a much darker red of crimson, the orange fading away.

"No. I like him, and I want to be with him no matter what you say."

I took hold of her arm gently and said, "I'm not making these decisions rashly. I'm doing this because I care. I don't trust him and I'm pretty sure I never will. I forbid you from seeing him."

She pulled her arm away from my grip as a sudden whip of anger hit me, making me gasp out loud.

"You have no right to control me just because you're the goddamn leader, alright? Don't take your role of our team too seriously."

Then with that blood red crimson aura shining brightly around her, she stormed back into the cabin. I looked blankly at the wooden door, and backed away from it, feeling hurt. Was I really doing that? Using my role as leader as an advantage? No..I don't think I was, yet why did she feel so angered by my words. Her emotions made me feel more desolate then ever.

I'd heard what Denia had said; about the leaders being there to make sure the team got on. But I just couldn't...not when I felt like this. I walked toward the campfire that had been lit and sat down on the tree log set beside it. The burning flames carressed this cold, dark night as I wondered what I was going to do next.

The End

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