Mystry: Emotions

I was sad and confused. What had those shadows been? They hadn't made sense - they had been curling when the sunlight hadn't been changing and no object seemed to have the right shape to cast such shadows.

I was sad because my team leader didn't want me to see Eric. I didn't understand why she hated him so much. Sure, he was on the other team but around him her aura gave off vicious crimson sparks with even some black streaks flowing around it. He was my love: why couldn't she be happy for me?

I was slightly angry because Eva had made Eric go away but it was sadness more than anything which overwhelmed me.

I wasn't happy that I was upsetting her but I wasn't about to give up the one I'd been searching for just because of her. 

I stood up. Eva started to briskly walk in the direction of what must be the dinner cabin. We entered. She didn't say a word to me as she sat down at the head of the Spark table. I sat down at the other end, not wanting to be anywhere near her. I looked across the cabin and saw Eric at the top of the Shadow table. I felt almost physical pain at the fact that I couldn't sit near him and it really stung when the other members of his team saw him glancing over at me and glared. Eric's aura was strangely unreadable. All I could see was the golden light dancing around him. His expression was unfathomable.

Before we ate, a lady stood up from the Staff table.

"Hey, I'm Denia," she said. "I'd like to welcome all of you to camp. I have a brief announcement. Tonight, after dinner there will be a chance for you to all get to know each other a bit better. Here, there'll be some recreational activities. I'd like the leaders to be there and make sure everyone in their team is getting on. Now, tuck in."

Suddenly, on the table food appeared, seemingly from all over the world.  I could see a guy who looked about twenty with a name badge reading something like 'Oliver' concentrating immensely. I guessed it was him doing the food.

I ate slowly, still dejected. I ignored everyone who tried to talk to me. Without looking, I knew that there were blue ribbons in my aura and the silver light shone less brightly.

The End

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