Aliah: Competition

"So, you said you've got incredible agility right?" I smile

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, I was just thinking about what would be faster, you or my wings"

"Hmmmmm, thats an interesting thought" I could see him smiling now

"It would be interesting to see...." I smiled, airing out the challenge and trying to keep the mood light.

Liam returned the smile "Well, we could try it out, afterall, we need to practice our powers...."

"How about tonight?"

"It's a date" he smiled

My heart thumped wildly, a date. I smiled "A date" I agreed

A bell rang and we hear Xavier's voice call "Dinner!"

We both sighed and got up.

"So, I guesse I'll see you tonight?" he smiled

"Right after dinner" I smiled back "And  I guesse we might 'accidently' bump into eachother on the way to dinner" my thoughts increase in happiness

"I'm counting on that"

"Me too" I smile "Come on then, before our leader's have an anurism" I laugh

The End

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