Eric: Spoken

When I spoke those words it was more to confirm it to myself then to actually speak them to Mystry. So when she told me she loved me as well I was actually left baffled. I mean I heard so many girls at the boarding school proclaim 'love' to me but not many of them knew the true meaning of it. And something told me that Mystry knew the meaning of the word love and she wouldn't say it if she didn't mean it.

So left completely baffled, I thought I would have protested when Mystry snuck onto my lap and rested her head against my chest. But I didn't and I found myself abstantly playing with her hair and the shadow's trailing through my fingers copy my movement.

Mystry 'hmm's happily which confuses me. The Shadows aren't harming her? I mean I don't want them to but they aren't even trying to. Which is odd. They always get jealous especially in this close distance.

Mystry looks up and smiles. I quickly yank any shadows in seeing distance away and beneath the bench. "I wish we could stay like this" She says tightening her arms round my waist and pressing her ear to my chest to listen to my heartbeat.

Too bad the peace didn't last. "JERK!" A voice yells. Mystry jumps up as do I and we turn to see Eva leader of Team Spark.

"What's your problem?" I hiss shadows curling around my feet angrily.

"The fact your pulling one of my team away?" She says raising an eyebrow. "Well, nothing except of the shadows spiralling around your feet"

From the corner of my eye I see Mystry look down and gasp then look up at me. Her eyes are confused. "What happens between me and her is non of your concern" I whisper looking down my hands clenching into fists.

"The hell it isn't" Eva snaps. I turn on my heels turning my back to both of them and I hear a flash of painful thoughts zap through Mystry.

"Its time for dinner..... the teams sit of different tables" I whisper. I walk off and letting the shadow wrap around me.

I'm then at the Back Cabin in an instant. Shadow travel is dangerous but is quick. I walk into the dinning area to find all of my team already at the table. I sit down at the top and Denver looks at me with a raised eyebrow.

I shake my head and he shrugs. What the hell am I doing?

The End

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