Liam: Talking

I see Aliah smile for what seemed to be no apparent reason, I smiled back feeling like an idiot, never been really great with trying to talk to girls once I had run out of things to say. I looked at her admitting to myself she was pretty good looking. I wondered if she felt the same way, hang on was I really already?I'm a sucker aren't I?

"So do you have an idea of what we may be doing here?" I ask.

"Not really but we could alway speculate."She giggles slightly. I look over the camp trying to find something I could attempt to speculate on.

"Well they have us split into teams so i'm guessing there might be some simple friendly competitions of sorts."

"Yeah the letter said something about capture the flag each afternoon. I wonder if they are going to let us use our abilities while playing."

"I kinda hope not sounds a bit painful."I joke imagining some extreme situations and explaining them Aliah getting a couple more luaghs before more silence.  I was  considering to ask her about how she life is for her because I hadn't come across another person that had powers, and I always wondered if their experiences would be similar to mine.

The End

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