Aliah: meet the enemy XD

So, yes, I am stubborn, extremely stubborn. My stubborness is something no one understands about me, they just think I'm being difficul, but I like to do some things by myself is all, it makes me feel...independant? nah, it makes mme feel in control I suppose.

"I think I'm going to go meet the other team if I can, any one wanna come with?"


"'Kay, see you later" I smile uncomfortably and leave, heading toward Spark's side.

I look around for the camp director, just incase this is against camp rules, not that he said anything but y'know, just incase. I step into the boundary of Spark's team and smile as I look across the campsite, quiet, just like ours. "It's so creepy" I shudder and laugh.


I turn and see a boy about a year or so older than me with blonde spiky hair, smiling at me "I'm Liam"

"I'm Aliah"

"Never heard that name before. Whats your power?"

I smile shyly "I can control air and I have angel wings, but only when I call them out. What about you?"

"Extreme agility and ice and light control" he smiles "So, are your wings white?"


"Cool" he steps beside me "Wanna sit down and talk for a bit? The silence is weirding me out and our leader's vanished" he laughed

"Our too and, sure" we make our way over to a small log bench and sit, talking about how strage it is but how normal at the same time.

"Have you seen the beds?" he laughed

"Like a cell" I giggled "I swear, if the cabins weren't wood, it'd be almost like a centre"

We both  let our laughter die out and we sat there for a while, just swinging our feet and for once, I felt like the camp wouldn't be so bad after all I looked at liam's incredible blue eyes and that confirmed it, definately not bad. I smiled to myself.

The End

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