Mystry: Kiss

Eric grinned at my crazy, panicked thoughts, before leaning down and kissing me. My eyes closed and everything felt natural. My soul was singing - it was like the glorious trickle of a stream, the rustling of leaves in the breeze and the crackle of logs in a fire, all combined to form one beautiful, melodious sound. I fancied I could smell the wonderful scents of damp earth and lavender. I stroked Eric's skin, finding it to be cool and smooth like pebbles on a beach. Warmth suddenly enveloped me - was his aura coming around me? The inside of my eyelids became red as bright light blazed outside them. Were our auras shining together? Oh I did hope so.

My heart was sighing in contentment: I had never ever felt so ... euphoric in my life. Eric was completing me in ways I had never before imagined, becoming the sole reason for my existence and lighting a flame that would forever burn in me to signify my love for him. I could tell he was elated too - I don't think he knew how he kept sending my subconscious messages (I felt continuous shifts and felt happier and happier until I was dizzy with elation as well as giddy with ardour). I felt so relaxed that I could fall asleep like this, so calm that it was as if I was in harmony with the world and so in love that it ached to be needing to convey all this emotion and receiving it was like being attacked.

I felt myself fall backwards: how could I possibly have any control of my muscles? Eric landed on top of me, making it clear he had been leaning on me and similarly unable to keep his muscles tensed. We continued to kiss like that - it was odd yet perfectly understandable how we could never grow tired of it.

In the end, it felt like Eric had overpowered my mind. Either due to the kiss or the constant communication with my subconscious, I felt I would do anything for him that he asked for me - anything. I lived only so our love could continue and that entailed following him to the ends of the earth if he chose to do anything greatly significant or dangerous.

I broke away, opened my eyes and gazed up into coals that were deepest black yet blazing with fiery passion.

"I love you," he told me, quite fiercely. I think he must have been protective because I felt yet another shift and suddenly desired to keep myself safe, to value my life over others'.

"I love you too," I murmured, totally enamoured.

He kissed me again before sitting up. He helped me sit up too and then, for an immeasurable time, we were just staring into each other's eyes.

There was only one word to describe that kiss: bliss.

The End

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