Eric: Whats next??

Up until that girl showed up sitting under that tree had been quite nice. But now walking around with Mystry made me...... calm. Calmer then I'd ever been since the day I discovered my powers and thwacked my history teacher into the wall for calling me a bastard in his head.

I thought teachers were meant to care for their students and its not my fault that the shadows at that time reacted to my temper. Now around me with Mystry they felt calm, not jealous and annoyed as they are when I'm at boarding school and every girl is crushing on me.

Maybe I should turn dorky just to avoid attention? Nah, can't do it. I love my look. Dr.Martin boots, baggy jeans, long sleeves slightly tight tops and then my leather jacket.

Okay yes, I have the typical bad boy look but thats only cause I am one. Thats why I find myself confused about this golden aura I have. I mean unlike Mystry here, whose not only kind and thoughtful but god damn pretty, I ain't a saint.

I've maybe abused my powers sometimes and even with my gifts known through half the school the only people its put off are the bully's. But often quite a few are stupid to get on my bad side.

Somehow we end up at the lake. "You want to sit down?" I ask politely gesturing to the bench. Mystry nods blushing as I offer her a hand to get down the steep bank to the lake edge.

But what really confused me is she doesn't let go. Yes, I'm a dumb idiot when it comes to feelings even though the amount that enter thoughts is suprisingly frequent.

Just like Mystry's whispering thoughts. I don't dare pry cause she's keeping them quite quiet which must mean there private.

We sit down and I watch her calm face as she looks out across the lake. Then I sit back and look at our intwined hands. I rub my thumb across the back of her hand then decide to break the silence.

"What are you thinking?" I ask still looking at her hand and stroking the back with my thumb.

"I thought you would know" She says with a smile and I know she's looking at me.

"I try not to intrude on private thoughts" I say looking up to her face and freeze.... cause she's so close. Her breathing quickens and I can hear her thoughts going haywire.

Oh wow, this is such a beautiful moment. Are we going to kiss? Damn, am I blushing? Has my hair gone knotty? Why am I thinking about such things around the person whose soul is going to shine with mine? Oh damn, I hope all this isn't showing up in my aura.

I found a smile tuggin at my lips as I leaned in to kiss her.

The End

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