Eva: Collisions Of Friendship and Hate

I don't know why I was suddenly feeling so..emotional. I mean, normally I never got my sister's emotions get to me. Never. Well..sometimes I did but it was only when her emotions were extremely intense. And now, I was on the verge of tears because she hadn't felt anything, anything at all when I left except for all the anger she had bottled up inside her.

With a sigh, I turned around the corner, heading to the cabin and collided straight into a girl.

"Ohmigosh! I'm so sorry!"

She helped pick up my bags, and looked up at me.  

"It's not you're fault," I muttered, trying not to look so weak in front of her. I could feel the guilt she was emitting and I was feeling a bit bad about it too. We introduced ourselves, and after that, she seemed to calm down a bit. I smiled my thanks at her as we both walked towards the cabin meant for the Spark.

"You're the leader, aren't ya?" She asked, curious.

With a small smile, I nodded.

"That's cool. Evangelina Spark, leader and captian of the Spark team."

I was starting to like this girl. Her emotions were making me feel more comfortable and she was also quite enthusiastic. We talked for a few minutes, until we got to my cabin. Inside there were two girls. Both of them had brown hair like me, and they looked up at me when I entered the cabin.

With a deep breath, i introduced myself to my new friends. "Hi, I'm Eva."


Outside, there was a cool breeze and it only felt cooler inside the lush, green forest. Since I was a kid, I loved nature. It always calmed me down; especially when I was feeling really emotional. My promenade made me feel calm, until I saw them.

They were both sitting under a huge tree, and talking to each other. The moment I laid eyes on him, my heart filled with a hatred I'd never felt before. The girl, with an aura of bright, bright [nearly blinding] scarlet, was practically throwing off all these crazy vibes in his direction. And I hated to feel it. Passionate, hot, bubbling love-struck Spark girl. She was part of my team...and now she's falling for him.

The crunch of a fallen leaf both made them look up at me. The leader of the Shadow's glared up at me intensely. My hands curled into fists and I glared back at him. No way in hell.

The girl's light blue eyes sparkled as she looked at him, and us, confused.

My gaze switched to her and I said softly, yet with power, "We're going to have a few words later."

Then with a final cold stare at Shadow, I stomped out the forest.

One thing was certain, I was never ever going to go back there. Not when I knew, I might bump into the lovey-dovey girl and a guy who I was now completely hating.

The End

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