Evangelina Sparks

I twisted my brown hair around my fingers, waiting for the moments to pass till I got there. My sister, Erica was sitting in front, ignoring my very precense till we got to this so called Camp Sanctuary. Mum had died giving birth to me, the girl with the eerie powers, and my dad comitted suicide only a few days later after her death. My sister had blamed me for everything, not at all pleased with my very existence. The fact that I could feel and read her emotions, didn't help me either. It cut me deep. And when she learnt that I had powers, that only seemed to burden her more.

The car came to a lurch and my sister looked straight through the windshield, waiting for me to get out her car. Her emotions were wild with anger and frustration that she wasn't showing through her silence. I winced at the sudden lash of impatience that she had, and gathered my bags, and got out the car.

Wordlessly, she drove away. With a sigh, I walked toward the gates that opened by themselves and toward the main cabin. I could've gotten there a lot faster using my power of Chi, but I try to act normal whenever I can. Brought up by a sister who hated me for what I was, I tried to act like a normal human being.

I passed a boy with a tall, muscular build. He walked past me, looking exhausted and also feeling like it, not having noticed me.

"Evangelina Spark, I presume." The man in front of me scrutinized me.

"Yes, I'd prefer if you call me Eva."

"I'm Xavier and I'd like you to meet Denia," the man said, shaking my hand firmly. A young woman walked out from a connecting room and grinned at me. Her emotions radiated happiness as it swept into my heart. I exchanged a handshake with her.

"Eva...nice to meet the young girl who's going to be leading the Spark team."

The End

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