The sleek black car hums quietly as it crawls up the gravel drive, large gates open ahead of us and my father stops the car. He turns a grins childishly at me.

"Enjoy yourself kid." He smiles. My mother turns worry lines creasing her face.

"If you even feel a little homesick just ring and we'll come and get youstraight away."

"Its like a seven hour drive." I laugh.

"Your father will be here in six" she smiles.

"Thanks mom. By dad." I smile climbing from the car and  heading towards the main cabin as the car drives back down the drive.

I walk in and a large man looks up. He studies me for a second then looks down at some papers.

"Marcus?" he asks. I nod.

"You will be on Team Spark, head over to the boys cabin, don't find yourself in the girls cabin." I nod and follow his instructions. I step into the boys cabin and dump my bag on the floor.

The End

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