Eric: Window

It was about half day and two of the camp members were still not here yet. I was in my room trying to nap and not getting anywhere.

I lay on my bed Shadows flicking around me. Why couldn't I sleep? What was keeping me so wide awake?

Then Mystrys face was molded out of the shadows above me. Why the hell am I thinking about her? I find my face screwing up in confusing. I sit up waving my hand so the picture disapears.

I head out once again outside. I told myself I was just going for a random walk but when I find myself outside the Spark Girls Cabin staring up at a certain window.

I stretch my telepathy into the room, of the window I'm looking at, to find one mind. Its bright and I immediatly know its Mystry's mind.

I felt a bit uncomfortable. What the hell was I doing here? Never mind going up to the girls dorm but looking up at the window like a lost Romeo.... bleh, I felt sick.

Then strangely I felt myself tugging at Mystry's mind. Willing her to come to the window. I rarely did this without some intention or without no reason but I needed to see her.

She came in view of the window and my breath caught. Her silver aura glowed around her. She then opened the window looked down and gasped herself.

The End

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