Mystry: No Way!!

I thought that that was how everyone saw the world: in the magnificent colours of sunset, in the magical colours of the rainbow. Everybody shone in their own special way. But I soon realised I was alone with my gift. The way people hurt each other and allowed people to suffer, it was just impossible for them to be like me. I didn;t feel alone - in fact, I was grateful for my gift. A person's aura told me a little bit about them, the true them, and with that insight into their life, I could comfort them or keep away from them as necessary.

I was going to a summer camp. I hoped to make lots of new friends, but also I hoped to find someone I'd been searching for since I'd been about thirteen. The guy with the golden aura. Now people here and there had brilliant green auras that shone like emeralds with dashes of gold in them but I knew, deep inside, that there was someone out there who had a perfect personality, a golden soul, whose actions would shine out like a beacon and who could never hurt people in the way most humans did. That someone would complete my life and we would shine together - silver and gold - complementing each other and answering the mysteries of the universe through being the meaning and purpose of the other's life.

I never imagined I'd find him so quickly!

I got out of the car, kissing my mum on the cheek and feeling that familiar sense of warmth and security from her bright daffodil-yellow aur. I waved at my brother as they drove away, chuckling inside at his silence and the way he stared at my silver aura.

A man with an aura that to my great surprise I couldn't read (it was grey and I couldn't interpret it) greeted me in front of what looked like the main cabin in the camp, saying "Welcome, Mystry Wonder. You will be in Team Spark. Ensure you keep out of the boys' cabin." Another surprise was that he seemed unfazed by my aura which I knew everyone could see. He pointed to a cabin, saying "That's the Team Spark's Girls' Cabin."

"Thank you, sir," I said and was about to walk towards it when something caught my eye.

A glitter of gold in the sunlight. I stopped and stared. A tall guy with black spiky hair and eyes as black as night had just stepped out of a cabin. He emanated, from every inch of skin around his figure, a dazzling, golden light. He couldn't be, could he? But he unmistakably was. The guy I'd been searching for for four years. The guy with the golden aura!

I had to get to know him! But he was in a different cabin and I was banned from the boys' cabins. Shaking myself slightly, I walked towards the cabin where I would be staying. I sat on my bed and contemplated my luck. Thank you, I thought, to no one in particular. Thank you SO much. I barely noticed the other girls I passed in the main part of the cabin who were trying to talk to me. I walked into a room which was empty and fell back onto the bed and stared at the ceiling. I thought about the boy. He was the only thing on my mind.

The End

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