Eric: Shadow Boy's Cabin

"Hey, I'm Eric" I say standing up and shaking hands with him a small crackle happening when our hands slap together.

"So whats your gift?" Denver asks tossing his belonging into one of the two rooms here.

"Time Manipulation, Shadow Manipulation and Telepathy, Like I can tell that right now there is two girls and one boy still not here for Team Spark and one of them called Evagelina is the leader" I say sitting down and pulling another coin out of my pocket.

"Wow, thats cool. I can generate poison, I have night vision and I can command Fire" He says lighting a flame on his finger. I smile and flick my hand a shadow shooting out to put the fire out.

"I'd prefer if you didn't do that in the wooden cabin we will have to be living in for the next 6 weeks"

Denver shrugged annd moved off into his room. "You know where the bathroom is, I need a shower" Denver calls back.

"Its the third door off the sitting room thats blue" I yell. He comes out with a towel then disapears into the bathroom.

I sigh heavily and move to my room. I click my fingers and the shadows begin my unpacking for me as I lie on my bed. At one point they almost eat something so I have to yank them back then pause my clothes in the air.

Shadows are like parasites.... very useful parasites that I can control. Once they've finished up I flick a coin up into the air which they engulf before departing into the corners of my room.

I get up and move out of the cabin hearing the run of the bath as I pass the bathroom making my way through the lounge area.

I go outside and take in a deep breath. Shadows cling to my skin and I take the steps easily. I head for the main cabin when someone coming down catches my eyes.

"Wow" I whisper. I enter the mind of Xavier talking to her and whistle when I find her name. "So Mystry, you're in Spark then. Too bad I would actually like to get to know you"

I then turn on my heels but I can hear Mystry's thoughts when she turns and see's me but I don't bother to listen properly.

The End

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