I walked up the gravel path to Camp Sanctuary, a backpack loaded with clothes slung over my shoulder. I’d pulled my chin-length into a pathetic excuse of a ponytail so it was out of my eyes but it didn’t really help that much. Hiding my powers had never really been that much of a problem for me so how whoever ran this place even knew I had them was a mystery. Then again, it didn't stop my parents finding out. Didn't stop them kicking me out at fifteen, either.

I looked up at the main gates as they swung open and stepped inside, heading for what looked like the main cabin. I stepped inside and saw some middle-aged guy stood waiting.

“Ah, you must be Denver-” he started but I cut him off.

“Just Denver” I hadn’t had a last name since I my folks kicked me out.

“Er, right. You’ll be on Team Shadow, the cabins are just over there and don’t go into the girls cabin.

I nodded and walked over to the boys Shadow cabin.

As I walked past the girls cabin I heard a few girls talking. Great, let me guess, I’m on the team with the most girls. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather be on Shadow than Spark. How can you be on Team Spark when you can generate poison in the blink of an eye? I stepped into the boys cabin and saw a guy around my age with spikey black hair. Well, at least I had one guy around.

“Sup? Name’s Denver” I said, dumping my backpack on the floor.

The End

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