Cordelia Wickham

 I reread the letter, the paper ruffling as I adjusted it in my hands. "Would you quit it?" my foster mother snapped, her voice high pitched and anxious. Jane was seriously on the edge. Her fingers were gripped around the steering wheel so tightly that her knuckles were white.

 I didn't reply, looking over her before returning my eyes to the words. "You'll pick me up when this is over, right?" I murmured.

 "Why would you ask that, Cordie?" Jane chuckled, a strange, nervous edge to her voice. By an accident, she had seen my powers which I had kept hidden from her and her husband for over a year. I knew she wouldn't come to pick me back up. I wondered if this whole 'camp' thing was just a hoax somehow to get me off her hands.

  Silence dropped between us as driving continued, and I gazed out the window, watching the emerald and brown blur of trees pass by.  "Well, here we are," she briskly said, watching me with wide eyes as if I was going to hurt her. I looked forward, seeing the gates rise before me. Looked like a pretty normal camp. Of course I had never been to a camp before....

 "OK," I nodded, opening the door and stepping out. I grabbed my suitcase. It was full of my clothes and things, a few of my favorite items from my room, as I expected not coming back to Jane and Ed's house. It wasn't a large collection.

 "See ya, Sweetie. Have fun!" Jane said. Her voice was too rushed, too fake. I watched her press on the gas and zoom out of sight without a backward glance. I felt broken on the inside, staring after her.

  Sighing, I turned around, making my way to the main cabin  to sign in or something. The door shut behind me, and I realized no one was there.

  "You must be Cordelia Wickham," came a male's smooth voice from behind me. I whipped around to face him, shrinking in his imposing, cold gaze. "You are of the Sparks Team. There is your cabin." He poked a finger at a cabin through a window a little ways away. "Make sure not to go to the Boy's Cabin."

Without a word, I nodded, hurrying past him with my luggage trailing behind me as I left the main cabin. I quickly went to my door, opening it and stepping inside. A girl looked up to me, with stormy blue eyes and a scar on her cheek. I smiled timidly, looking about the small area, "Hi, I'm Cordelia Wickham."

 So, this would be my home for summer.

The End

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