I'm in the car with my aunt and uncle. Outside the sun is shinning brightly, a perfect day some might say but not me. No way in hell is this my perfect day.

My family are taking me to this phycho summer school because I'm different. They tell me it's what I deserve, they tell me that I'll get experimented on by the goverment but I know different.

I read the letter sent to them, basically this is a summer camp for the gifted and this camp will help whoever goes to it to control their powers ect ect ect.

My aunt and uncle want it to be a experiment place, they don't want me back living with them, no now that my aunt is due to have a baby next month.

I put my earphones in my ears on start listening to Sum 41 as loud as my ipod will let me. I close my eyes and just listen to the song.

The car suddenly stops, making me open one eye, the hazel one. My other eye is blue, another differnce that my family don't like.

My uncle is glaring at me and yelling. Oh great, here we go.

I turn off my ipod, ready to get yelled at.

"Don't you dare! We've told you not to use those powers of yours, you know what it does to your poor aunt!" I roll my eyes at my uncle at look out of my window. It once was a sunny day but now it's raining like it'll never end.

I smile a little and grab my bags, I know what's going to happen next.

"She's hurting my baby!" My aunt starts to sob. I roll my eyes again, like I'll hurt her baby. She doesn't like my powers so she has made up this lie, saying it hurts her unborn child everytime I change the weather.

"Get out! Get out!" My uncle yells at me. I smile.

"Whatever you say." I grab my stuff and slam the car door shut, rain coming down hard. I smile and wave off. This will be fun, finding my way.

I make it sunny again and head off in the direction off the trees. I had a dream that that's where I can get into the camp and yup. There's the gates.

"There you are. Your team is Shadow, your cabin over there and don't go in the boys cabin!" A man tells me once I'm in the main cabin place and I walk in the direction he points.

Once inside the cabin I see two girls, twins I think. I ignore them and dump my stuff on the bed. The girls come over to me, smiling. "Hello, what's your name?" They ask together than suddenly only one girl is there. Cool power.

The End

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