Niki Green

I sat quietly in the back of the car, fiddling with the ash blond streak in my brown hair, as Dad started going on about how I wouldn't be able to call him for a while since he was going to be away with the kids, forgetting that I myself was one of those 'Kids'. Quietly I rearanged the bag that was sat on my lap gently letting loose a little of my power to make the bag slightly lighter. Dad saw my look and stopped the car, I instently stopped and shrank futher back in the car seat.

"Don't do that!" Dad shouted at me, I just nodded quietly and got out of the car,

"I'll just walk David, don't worry about it." I muttered, Dad insisted that I called him David. He didn't think of me as he child, in fact I had heard him refer to me as a leech countless times. A freak leech. Dad got out of the car and grabbed my shoulder hard,

"Don't use your abilites! Got that?" He said darkly giving me a cold stare, I just nodded and moved away not wanting Dad to get angry at me. I touched the scar on my cheek carefully and started walking down the road,

"Bye David." I said, but he didn't hear me because he was already driving off. I slung my backpack over my shoulder and timidly made it lighter, afraid that Dad might come back. He didn't, he was glad to get rid of me for six weeks, after that it'll be back to us avoiding each other as much as possible with me a school and Dad going out to work as soon as I came home. Great relationship.

I came up to a pair of gates and watched as the open automatically, I wait a second, hesitant to step inside but a man suddenly appeared in front of me,

"Hi there, you coming in any time soon?" I take a step in and look up at the man, I hated being small. He pointed me to a cabin that sat centered in a small ring of other cabins,

"Go over there to find which team your in," I nodded and made my way over to the cabin. I stepped inside and waited, a few seconds later another man noticed me, he smiled and said,

"Your on team Spark, head over there and make sure you don't enter the boys room!" He pointed over to a cabin I nodded and moved back outside. I worked my way over to the indicated building. I noticed some other people walking around but I avoided them, they all seemed to be older then me.

Upon entering I saw that no one else was inside, I went over to the back corner bunk and placed my bag on the bed. I then sat down on the floor so that the bed would keep me partly hidden from anyone who came in, I opened my bag and pulled out The Magicians' Guild by Trudi Canavan. I opened the book and began to read, blocking out everything around me for the time being.

The End

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