Spirit Ise

I sat moodily in the passenger seat of my father's corvet as he drove down the road. I don't know why he wanted to send me to this dumb camp. I yeah I was strange. I mean who else do you know that can make copies of themselves and have a perfectly normal conversation? I didn't have many friends because of it. In fact I didn't even have one!

"This camp will be good for you." my dad spoke up trying to start a conversation. I didn't reply so he continued "You'll be able to meet kids your age like you." I could tell he was still trying to get used to the idea that his daughter had powers.

He pulled up at the camp and before he could say another word I was out of the car with my pack. One hand in my pocket and the other keeping the strap on my shoulder from falling off I walk into the main builing where I almost run into a man.

"Welcome to Camp Sanctuary." he said looking at me with an expression I couldn't read. "You're Spirit Ise correct?" he asked and I nodded. "You'll be on Team Shadow. The cabins are over there and make sure you don't enter the boys cabin."

As I entered the cabin I quickly found a bunk and threw my things on the top one. After I did that I decided that it was time to see who else was on my team. I made one other copy with myself and together we walked out of the cabin.

The End

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