Liam Corsa

  I walk up the gravel road sense my parents refused to drive me to the gates, a Car races past me.

"Another parent happy to get rid of there child." I mutter.  hearing the tires crunch against the gravel, I look up to see the gates coming into view. Deciding to finish this boring walk, I become a blur momentarily and quickly appear at the gate in a seconds. They open automatically, and I walk towards a main building.

"You will be on team spark." Someone tells me instantly up opening the doors

"Thats nice but where am I staying?" I say.

"Its mandantory that I tell you what team you'll be on." The man says.

"Whatever I'll remember it." I say a little agitated.

"Over there you'll meet your team leader later when she arrives, thats where team sparks cabin is, and make sure you walk into the Sparks boys cabin they will be punishment if your found in their cabin."


Walking through the building in the direction of team Sparks cabin I over hear a conversation between a group of people.

"So these will be your responsibilities as shadow's team leader." A middle aged man says to a teen around my age with spiky black hair, poor guy he seemed confused. Guess its his first day to.


The End

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