Eric Shadow

I sat in the back of my mum's car silent my duffal bag on the seat next to me. The camp was close enough for her to drive me and she thought it might seem less cold if she drove me herself.

She didn't say it too me but she didn't need to since I can hear her thoughts. I find myself flipping a coin in my hand letting shadows trail from my fingers and pausing it in the air.

I see my mum's eyes glare at me from the drivers mirror so I stop holding the coin in my hand but still letting the shadows slowly consume the coin.

"We're here" Mum says joyfully pulling up to a large wooden gate with the words 'Camp Sanctuary' engraved into the top beam.

Can't be happier to get rid of him again. I sigh hearing my mum's angry thoughts. "Still can hear you mum" I mumble grabbing my duffel bag and jumping out of the car before she can contradict me.

I head towards the gate and before I can reach out to push them open they swing wide themselves. I look down the gravel road trying to find some sign of life. Its then my mum pulls off behind me trailing dust in her escape.

I sigh then head down the gravel road. After about 10 minutes I see a set of wooden buildings. Theres one standing directly in the middle then two houses to each side and one to the back.

There also a lake, assualt corse.... the lot like the letter said. I get to the main building and knock on the door. The door swings open to reveal a middle aged man with white short hair. He smiles then yells back. "Seems we've got the leader of the shadow team now, Denia"

The End

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