Aliah: Alexander

As  I drifted in the air, limp and pathetic I realised how bad I had gotten at controlling my emotions, something I had been trying (and almost succeeding) to do for years. I felt as thought I was sinking like concrete in the ocean, drowning in my own tears but I was drifting up and away, leaving everything behind.

"Ali, come on, we're almost there, dont you want to see where we're going?"

But I do not, I do not want to see anything, not that I can really anyway.

"Ali, hold on"

I grip his shirt with my fragile and shaking hands, a useless attempt at what I was asked to do as my head began to spin. At that moment, I was engulfed by moonlight.


"Ali? Ali! Come on! Rise and shine, shine and rise, the moons out so open your eyes!"

I open my heavy lids "Lame rhyme" where the hell am I? I try to sit up, my joint stiff like I tried to lift weights without streching again. Heck, maybe that is what happened.

"Ali, come on, I'll help you"

At that moment I was sat up and in the arms of a memory, a long, forgotten memory.


I look at his moonlight hair, hs stormy eyes and sweet smile that could kick start a heart in mere seconds, his hair framing his face, gracing his shoulders, his bare shoulders. I realised then, tha he wasn't wearing a shirt and immediately looked away.

He laughed "Same old Ali, though I must admit you've grown up"

"I forgot....I forgot you, how did I forget?"

 His eyes softened with pain "When I was leaving about 3 years ago, you said it was painful to remember me, so painful you wished you could forget, so I slipped some moonlight haze into your milk and you didn't forget me but I was pushed to the very back of your mind. Thats why you could remember me so easily"

"But....what are you doing here? You said you were going to find people like you, people like us"

"Yes and I did, sort of but don't worry about it now, we can talk about it later. Why were you so upset? I  have never seen such a terrible fit of crying from you, you always cried, but never that much"

I recalled the previous hours a camp and the silent tears trickled down my cheeks "The stone....I used it"

Alexander's eyes widened "Did it glow?"

"Yes" the tears getting faster "But not for me, his soul mate is someone else at camp and I just thought I might have finally been happy and...." I burts into dry sobs, the tears dried out.

He holds me to him, huging me like he did when we were kids "Oh Ali, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, when you were given that by my mother I never thought it would reduce you to such a state, I'm sorry fromthe depths of my heart and soul I am"

"It's not your fault, I should never have let someone in, this always happens, trust leads to tradgedy"

"No Ali, no it doesn't, let people in, get close to people, you'll be sad sometimes yes but if you don't let anyone get close, you'll never truly be happy"

"Why do you have to awnser for everything? It's not fair! I dont want to live with this! I'm cursed! I'm bad! I'm-"

My supply of air was cut off by Alexander's sudden action, his lips move against mine, producing flame and brilliance and love in a whole new form, much stronger than before and I cannot seem to seperate myself, quite the opposite I pull him closer, kissing him back, knotting my hands in his hair.........I stop, I cannot get swooped off my feet, I have just had my heart broken.

"Ali, I have come back for you, just like I promised I would, I've been watchng over your dreams to make sure your safe and well. I've been going crazy while we were apart, scared something would happen to you or you might get serious with the wrong guy....but I wont ever let you go again nor will I let you get your heart broken"

"What are you talking about? What promise???" It doesn't make sense!!!

"If you don't remember, I guesse...." he puts his hnd on my temple, on one of the main chakras and I gasp, a scene from my chldhood unfolding.

"No matter what Ali, I'll always be yours" he smiles sweetly, ruffling my hair.
"And I'll always be yours, but how do I know you wont leave me for a prettier girl?" he is so handsome, it hurts me to say good bye.
"Well....hows this, when we're older, I come back for you and we can be together forever" forever? I like the sound of that!
"You promise?"
"I promise, when we're older we can live happily ever after"

As I come back to reality, I gasp "So you found me to fufil your promise?"

"Our promise and my feelings, I still love you, I always will"

"Alexander I.....we haven't seen eachother in years and I've just found out the guy I like wasn't destined for me, I can't love anyone right now"

"I know but you need to know my intentions, ever since we were little we understood eachother when no-one else did and we were there for eachother. I intend to make you my bride and live with you for the rest of our lives"

I felt my face burn "Bride????"

"Yes and since we are destined to be....I suggest it be a immediate decision"

I stare at him in shock "I can't even decide what to have for dinner!"

"Ali, I promise to love you forever and always, please, consider it" he leans towards me, kissing me softly, making my heart flutter like a thousand butterflies in spring.

"Alexander, I have to get back to camp, they'll notice I'm gone at the dorms, I'll get in trouble"

"You can't leave yet, your not healed"

"What? I didn't hurt myself!"

"Your ankle, when you fell over you must have twisted it"

I tried to move my foot and winced, it hurt alot, like millions of needles being pushed into my skin at once "but it'll take months to heal!!!"

"Ali, it'll heal quicker than that, you know I'm good with medicine"

"How long?"

"A day or two"

"A day or two?!!!! I can't stay here that long! Take me back to camp! I'll get into major trouble!"

Alexander sighs "Fine, once I've applied some medicen I'll fly you back but I wil continue to treat it personally, I refuse to leave you alone"


"No buts, those are my terms"

"Fine" I sigh in defeat, just hurry, I'm probably in trouble already. How long was I out?"

"About four hours"

"Okay, um...I need to get back soon, can we hurry it up?"

He promptly places pillows behind me to help support my stiff form and lifts my left ankle, grabbing a small bottle of cream, a shocking violet colour. He uncaps it and lets a small drop fall onto my ankle and spreads it carefully and wrapping it in a bandage. "There we are" he smiles "All wrapped up and ready to go"

I shake my head in disbelief as he scoops me up in his arms as if I were a child and spreads his midnight wings wide and jumps from the cave entrance, laughing freely as he soars above the forest and towards camp under the light of the full moon.

"I remember doing this when we were kids" I allow myself a small smile at the memory.

"Yeah, you taught me all those manuvers in the air, the whirlwind, the loop-de-loop" he laughs

"But you could never quite get it"

"And you could never fly as high as me" he smiles down at me and as if to enphasise his point, he flies up and abruptly swoops down, making me let out a squeal in surprise.

"Thats not funny!" I look down "Camp is just below"

"Gotcha" he swoops down low enough to be able to touch the roof of the dining hall.

"Aliah! Oh my god! Look! He's got wings too!"

"Here we go" I mutter.

The End

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