Annalise Jaye Jones: Amnesia

My eyes opened just when Aliah was hurrying out the room. She looked real upset about something because she had her face buried into her hands. It’s a wonder how she didn’t trip over something! Then my attention was caught by Liam, who was sitting by my bedside, wearing an unreadable facial expression.

Wait. Hold up! My bedside? I gazed at my surroundings and realised that I was inside the camp’s medical room. It was a cramped room with plain white walls and that distant humming of machinery. Yes, one of those rooms. It distinctly reminded me of how much I hate hospitals.

Without hesitation I flung off the itchy cream covers. I hauled myself off the bed, revealing my grass-stained jeans and baggy T-shirt. In the back of mind I thought; thank goodness they hadn’t had a chance to put me in those dreadful hospital gowns!

“Where are you going?” Liam grabbed my wrist to stop me from exiting the awful room.

“Outta here. I don’t know why I’m in this room in the first place.” I pulled away from him despite the fact that something inside me was screaming No!

“Wait.” For some reason his words made me freeze on the spot. He went for my wrist again, and this time he gripped tighter. “You don’t remember falling?”

“Honestly? No. The last thing I remember is going for a walk and then ending up here.” I gave the medical room a disgusted look.

“Then I guess it’s better that way,” he replies solemnly, looking down at his shoes.

“Better what way? Huh? What?!”

“Never mind.”

“Did something happen,” I asked suspiciously. “Something between you, me and Aliah?” I tried to give him a penetrating look but it obviously didn’t work. He let go of my wrist and muttered, “Leave if you want.”


In a bit of a tizz I left that room; but not completely. I walked around the back and towards the window that looked out on my bed. As luck would have it, it was open so that not only could I see Liam but I could also hear him too.

He was clutching a stone and staring at it intently. “If it’s meant to be, she’ll realise,” he murmured to himself.

“She will,” the stone silently replied in a voiceless whisper.

The End

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