Aliah: Choke

Annalise was out cold for a few hours and Liam and I never left her side, he seemed so concerned about her, he didn't even space out he looked so worried. The time in the medical room was quiet, the silence building with each passing second until finally I couldn't take it any more.

"Liam, whats wrong?"

"I'm worried-"

"No! The stone! You've been spacing out and acting distant and-" I looked to the stone and gasped, it was glowing, by Annalise....

"You'll know if he's your true love when he wears it, it will only glow if you two were meant for eachother, if not, it will cause him to search his mind, his heart and his soul. It's the only way to know if your love is true, so use it wisely"

"Aliah, whats up?"

I tried to control the tears building inside of me "We're not...I'm not...the stone..."

"What about it? I'm sorry I've been spacing out it's just-"

"It glows when you've found your soul mate, it's Annalise, she's your.....I'm sorry Liam, I can't do this any more, I have to get some air and think, I....."

I jump from my seat and sprint out the door, the tears making their way down my cheeks as fast and endless niagra falls. I run passed the dinning hall, the cabins, campers and into the endless night, into the trees and away from everything that happened, I dont want to hear it, see it or remember it. I stumble through the greenery, barely able to see through the water wash in my eyes.

"I...can't...see" I sob bitterly, falling to the forest floor "I'"

Don't be so hard on yourself Ali, if he's not the one your not to blame and neither is he, be happy for them and keep your heart open.


I hug my knees and wish for the night to come and take me, hide me and make me dissappear so I dont have to see the moment Annalise wakes up and their souls connect.

"Aliah...why are you crying? Whats wrong?"

I close my eyes tighter "Stupid thoughts! Leave me alone!!!"

"Ali, you are so absurd, come on, open your eyes, Ali!!!"

I open my eyes, still filled with the river of my heart and gasp, sure I must be dreaming as I look into those storm coloured eyes in complete contrast to the long hair the colour of moonlight. "Alexander?"

The End

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