Aliah: why?

As we walked back to the dorms I knew Liam's head was somewhere else, his hand, entwind with mine, his smile painted onto his face while his mind drifts the endless depths of his memory.

I watch him carefully and as I see a tear slowly slide down his cheek I know I have to do something to snap him out of it. "Liam!"

He turns slightly "Huh...?"

I wrap my arms around his neck and go on my tip toes, pressing my lips to his, his eyes widen then soften as  his arms wrap around my waist and pull me closer.

He seems to have snapped out of it for now, I hug him tighter, refusing to let go even though I know someone will disocver us soon.

"Hey! Kids!"

We brake away and I smile, letting my wings spread out as I take hold of him and fly to our feild again. I put him down gently and land beside him "Aliah, what-"

I press my lips to his again "Thats what I want to ask you, whats wrong? Yu've been acting weird since I gave you the eternal stone"

"Eternal stone?"

"Yes, the fortune teller said it was one of a kind and it was somethng you give to the person you feel immense love for, it's supposed to have a power of it's own that opens up the souls of the two people but you just started to close yourself off, whats wrong?"

He looks away,, holding the stone in his hand and I grab it, tears in my eyes "Whats wrong Liam? Tell me! Please!"

The End

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