Mystry: He doesn't age?!

"I don't age normally." The words stuck in my head, spinning round and round like a song on a loop.

He didn't age? He would always be 17?

But that was terrible! I was gonig to continue to grow up while he would always be a teenage guy.

Suddenly, I felt reckless. I didn't care about the consequences, I wanted to be a Shadow Person too. I could not expect Eric to continue to go out with me when I was middle-aged or old.

Eric heard my thoughts and shouted "No!" a little too loudly in his anger. "I will not let that happen to you, Myst," he said.

I burst into tears.

Eric calmed down and hugged me. "I'm sorry," he murmured. "It's just... I couldn't watch that happen to you. See your life be put in such danger..."

"I don't want us to grow apart."

"We won't," he assured me.

"We will physically," I muttered. "This is so horribly unfair."

"I know, I know; and I'm sorry that I'm like this. If I had known all those years ago, that I would one day feel hope and love, I would never have tried to prevent my birth."

"I'm sorry for not being there all your life to show you hope and love exist everywhere," I told him, still crying.

I suddenly felt like it would be extremely easy to lose Eric. The thought scared me and I tightened my grip on him.

"It's okay, Myst. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon."

The Shadows were trying to comfort me too, but they only reminded me more of our predicament. I cried harder.

"Leave her alone," Eric ordered, and the tendrils of black air halted.

"I love you," I said fiercely.

"I love you too. And I promise that nothing will come in between us."

He leant back slightly and began to kiss me, with such passion that I felt like I was being thrown into a roaring fire. I kissed him back, the tears still streaming down my cheek, and I had one wish that might make my other wish unnecessary. That this moment could last forever.


I was thinking like a director of a sci-fi movie or an author of a sci-fi novel might as we broke away, breathing heavily. Eric could stop time. He could speed it up and travel through it. Would it maybe be possible for him to trap me in a time bubble?

Yeah, it sounded crazy but wasn't everyone at Summer Camp also crazy?

I told Eric I was going to go and get some nightclothes, and pondered over my idea as I walked through the chilly night air. I remained undetected as I grabbed a pair of pyjamas and hurried back to Eric. The more I thought about it, the less it seemed crazy. If I could be set apart from time, I could still live in it, just not suffer its effects. And I'm sure Eric would like that. He wouldn't have to suffer watching me grow old and frail ... or die.

I got back to his room and hurriedly changed into the pyjamas I had brought with me. I slid under the covers with him and snuggled up beside him. After a long, romantic kiss, I gazed up into his dizzyingly intense black eyes and asked "Could you freeze me in time?"

The End

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