Eric: Um.... One more thing...

"CAPTURE THE FLAG!!!!" Sasha yells out. I pull away from Mystry looking in the direction of camp. I find my thumb absently stroking her cheek even though I'm not looking at her.

"I don't want to go" Mystry moans pulling my face back to face her so she can brush her lips across mine. I smile and kiss her back willingly. I press her up to a tree and Mystry 'hmm's happily.

"ERIC!!! MYSTRY!!" Sasha yells. "Over here now!"

I pull away from Mystry with a sigh and stand up offering her my hand. She takes it and lets her fingers slip through mine. "Oh great!" Eva spits when she see's us. "They're back"

"Get lost Eva" I say letting my arm slip round Mystry's waist. Both of hers go round me automatically. I kiss the top of her head and I see AJ a little bit away smiling. I Head towards her and hold out my free hand for a knuckle bump.

She shrugs and bumps her fist on mine. I feel Mystry shift slightly. Calm Myst, she's just a friend. No need to get nervous. I whisper the thoughts into her mind. She looks up at me and I lightly peck her lips before turning to look at AJ.

"Hey, thanks for earlier" I say. But please keep quiet about it. I add mentally. AJ smiles and nods.

"No problem" She says.

"RIGHT PEOPLE" Sasha yells. "GAME TIME!!!"


I feel the sweat on my forehead as I watch everyone walk out laughing. Mystry spots me and runs over jumping into my arms. I hold her up and she wraps her legs round my waist, so I'm carrying her clinging to my side.

She giggles and kisses my cheek before resting her head on my shoulder arms wrapped round them. "I don't want to let go" Mystry mutters.

"Well, since I've already talked with Denia about how she can't complain and the fact Eva is a not angry or happy since we drew. I think we can risk it" I say letting the Shadows carress her.

"Mmmm" She mumbles.

We get to my room with no inturuptions and Mystry's almost a sleep by the time I lie down with her cuddling up to my side. The moments perfect and I really don't want to ruin it but I have to get it out.

"Myst...." I whisper.

"Hmmm" She says looking up at me one eye open.

"There's something I left out about me being dead" I mutter silently. Mystry tilts her head and I know thats a sign that I can continue. "I...... I don't age normally.... I knew this person who warned me of what could happen if I went into the past and.... she also told me that my body might stop aging eventually" I mumble.

I remain silent waiting for Mystry to speak as I kiss her head and rest one hand on her waist and my other arm round her head to stroke her hair.

The End

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