Liam: Memory

I was going to say something to Aliah, but I decided actions are better than words sometimes.

"Aliah." I say she looks up into my eyes, and I kiss her forehead,"Thanks." I say putting the pendent on taking a good look at it,"I'll keep it safe." I give a confident smile. Taking a quick loot at one of the crystals, it look like it encased my brother Jesse, in turn snapping a long forgotten memory, I shudder, feeling cold suddenly.

"Are you okay?" Aliah asks quickly, with concern written all over her face.

"I'm good." I say the feeling waring off when Aliah put her head on my shoulder. I begin to play with one of her long chestnut curls with my fingers, sort of dozing off in the mid-afternoon sun ignoring the memories that wanted to play themselves out, after purposely forgetting them, but I couldn't, I remembered the day when Jesse was getting chased by those bullies, and I had taken them out using my powers with ice. Soon after he got jealous, and afraid of me until I approached him one day saying I could try to give him my power. He accepted instantaneously, even though I had no real Idea what I was doing I began to freeze the blood in his bloodstream, he started showing signs of control over ice, and for a few weeks we could never have been closer, till one day Jesse encased him self in a perfect blue ice in his bedroom, which now is completely covered in ice. My mom and dad have been keeping it a secret , and always told it wasn't my fault but I knew they blamed me for it every moment, and rightfully so. Now my question was why was the pendant reminding me of Jesse?

" Are you sure your okay Liam. Your cold, and shaking again." Aliah says pulling me from my thoughts.

"I will be, just thinking of home, that's all."


" A little, but it's better here." I smile , looking deep into her quizzical multi coloured eyes. She goes a bit red, I hold her tight, and kissing her cheek.


The End

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