Aliah: Corny

Liam's face is slighty red and I take confidence in this, he is nervous too.

I take a deep breath "Is it okay then if I be corny for a second?"

Liam peers up at me, his arm still tight around my waist.

You can do this Ali!!! "Well, I know we haven't known each other for long but..... I wanted to give you something" I reach for one of my 2 necklaces and pull it over my head, the deep blue crystal shimmers in the sunlight and it reminds me of Liam's eyes, it hangs from a black cord, making the blue pop even more "A-A fortune teller gave me this, she said to give it to the one I care for the most...." I took a deep breath, my confidence decreasing, "I want you to have it"

"Aliah I..."

I put it in his palm and smile shyly looking at the ground "Being corny sure can be embarrassing"

"Aliah?" I look up to meet his deep blue gaze "Thank you" he kisses the top of my forehead and my cheeks burn scarlet, he releases his hold for a second and puts the pendant in place "I'll keep it safe"

My heart fluttered but I couldn't stop thinking about what Liam was going to say before, his eyes shone like the pendant and my mind went blank, all I could think about was blue.

The End

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