"Go!" We say in Synch and take off, once again she was ahead of me,and my calf was killing, but I kept running hoping I wouldn't open up the wound. After about a minute I matched Aliah's speed, but my leg was telling me If I went any faster than this it was going to go. She speeds on ahead, and wins the race. A few seconds later I finish after her, with a smile.

"You win, for now." I sit down beside her on our Knoll, putting my arm around her shoulders," Not quite the same with the sun in the middle of the sky."

"Yup, but still great to be here."

"Yeah." I hold her closer, and for whatever reason I began thinking about the missing couple, before we left the infirmary Eric was talking to Mystry with a serious face. What if I was wrong? Mystry would be crushed, I could tell just by the way she looks at Eric.  I look over the camp lake.

"Liam, last night when we were here, what were you going to say?" Aliah asks bringing my attention back to her.

"Erm." I stop for a second trying to remember exactly what I was going to say," I was really just going to say how much I like you in a probably corny way." I say a little embarrassed,and little shade of red.

The End

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