Aliah: missing

Sitting next to Liam at lunch, I saw that the main coupleof the camp, Eric and Mystry were missing......some people would think that they were just having some time together but I knew they wouldn't miss lunch and risk geting caught, Eric may control shadows but he's not a bad guy.

Eva came in looking slightly happy but miffed, only one conclusion to her happiness and it had nothing to do with her eyes were wide, I looked over to AJ, she had the same expression as me, worry, shock, anger. "Aliah,you okay?" Liam squeezed my hand

"I am yeah but have yoou noticed Mystry and Eric...."

"Their never this late"

"And Eva, I don't have to read aura's to know how happy she is, and the ony thing that could make her this happy....." I scowled at her "I hope I'm wrong"

"Maybe Eva's just found a guy she likes"

I rested my head on Liam's shoulder "I sure hope so, anyway, are we gonna get together before, or after capture the flag?"

"Hmmmm, how about both? I doubt there are any camp activities until then"

"Cool" my eyes brighten, you can do this Aliah, before CTF, you will do this! "How about we go to our place before dinner?"

"Sounds good to me" he smiled "But just cos I'm injured don't go easy on me"

'Wouldn't think of it"

The End

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