Eric: Shattered

"I hate you" The words echoed and replaid in my mind as I watched her run away, the only person ever to touch my dead heart run away (Yes, I know its cheesy). AJ looked face was filled with worry and I turn away. "That wasn't your fault AJ" I whisper. "Maybe we can talked another time"

She began to speak but I didn't hear her cause I was already gone. I knew I'd probably puke if I went to lunch. So I skipped knowing the time alone would be pointless. I tried to move my mind from what had just happened trying to think about capture the flag this afternoon but I couldn't.

My legs buckled beneath me and I tried to hold myself up with a branch from a tree. "Oh deary me. Seems you are in a bit of a stuggle" I close my eyes trying to wish not only the voice away but the actual person. A stomach churning laugh echo's through the woods. "Go ahead and try Eric. You know you can't touch my mind cause of the shield"

"Leave me alone Pandora" I whisper sitting down back against the tree. "I can't deal with you right now"

"Hmm, I saw what happened. Miss Goody-Two-Shoes-Aura-Girl dumped you cause she can't deal with her ex-dead-boyfriend confessing his secret to someone else" Pandora says sitting down next to me and resting her head on my shoulder letting out a sigh.

I shove her away and stand up. "I love her Pandora. Don't you even care about that? Do you want my life to be a never ending misery of no emotions?" I hiss angrily.

"You killed yourself Eric. Its just Karma" Pandora says getting to her feet and brushing the leaves of her trousers. "Anyway, since you are be so rude and you're now about to recieve company..... I'm out of her" She turns and walks off Shadows wrapping around her taking her to her destination.

I sigh and pull in any new shadows. Why must she create more? Hasn't the world lost enough? Haven't I lost enough?

A snap echos through my body and this time I have nothing to support me from falling to the forest floor. I feel tears slide down my cheeks and slowly curl in on my stomach. Why does it hurt so much?

I let the Shadows do what they want and they begin to panic trying to wrap around me but I wack them away which just makes them panic more. They continuely try and finally I snap. I get to my feet and yank them all away.

"Why wont you leave me alone? Why can't you just let me not exist? I've lost everything already why should I continue to live!?!?" I shout my eyes blazing. Then a snap of a stick captures my attention.

Mystry stares at me with shock.

The End

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