Eric: Friends

I had to yank back on the Shadows when AJ hugged me. They hated her comforting me. They wondered why I needed to be comforted. It was painful to hold them back. I hardly talked to people let alone became friend with them.... Wait a second... friends?!?!

The thought was shocking but true. Ever since I became a Shadow Walker I never had a friend. Well, I did have one but as soon as he came out of Hospital his parents commanded him to stay away and he was more than willing. I mean who wouldn't want to stay away from me after I had allowed the Shadows to wip and cut at him. That was when the Shadows were controlled around my emotions.

AJ joined me sitting down against the tree. "Who are you Eric?" AJ asks eventually. "You obviously aren't this adverage Bad boy you play out"

I sigh heavily and look across at her. Then back at the lake. Pain clenches on my heart and the Shadows wrap round my body. "I was 8 when I discovered my powers for telepathy and time control" I say softly. "I felt like a freak. I was considered a freak. Well, I was more of a nerd back then" I let a laugh excape my lips. "You should have seen me. I always made sure my tie was tight, shirt was tucked in" I slowly shake my head. "So when my father started beating me cause of my powers. I decided enough was enough. I didn't want to exist"

"What did you do?" AJ whispers worry in her eyes.

"I went back in time to my birth. I tried to kill myself but.... I couldn't. Well, I succeeded but when I went back to my time. Nothing had changed. I could still hear thoughts. My father was still beating me. Then the teacher" I bare my teeth angrily. "He called me a bastard and I couldn't take it. I felt such a powerful anger I didn't realise what happened till it was too late. Shadows wipped out from the corners of the class room and..... struck him. He's still in a coma now"

I curl up pulling my knees to my chest. My thoughts flickers with all my past life. "As soon as that happened.... I changed. My whole body changed. Shadows became my oxygen. I became.... well, like you said the typical bad boy in everyones eyes"

"I don't get it" AJ whispers. I turn and look at her.

"I'm not in control of the Shadows AJ........ They are me. I'm not mortal. I'm already dead" I say angrily. I hear a sharp in take of breath and turn my head suddenly to see Mystry watching me with wide eyes.

The End

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